A few weeks ago it was one of our swing managers last day and he was one of the nicest managers in the world. We had to make sure that he would always remember the years he worked at McDonalds, and what better way could we do that then to make his last shift the most memorable we could?
Now besides the cake, silly string attack, hockey in the lobby, waterfight and scavenger hunt to find the shift keys, we had to go out with a bang. A few weeks earlier he had seen it coming that we were going to prank him sometime in the night he was closing, but wasn’t sure how. His one condition that he made VERY clear was to ‘not damage his car’, and I think we did a very good job of that..

I love working at McDonalds.

Rage Against The Cheeseburger

So I just started working at McDonalds a week ago, and it’s been fun. Unfortunately that mood was spoiled today by one of the most unpleasant customers I’ve ever encountered.

I was drafted onto register duty when this man shows up and demands a refund because he was sick of waiting for his cheeseburger (which cost all of $2 so it wouldn’t be a particularly significant refund). I didn’t know what was going on, so I asked another crewmember about whether his burger had been made yet. Turns out it had, and we’d called out three times for him, except that instead of standing near the counter like everyone else, he had sat at a nearby table apparently expecting us to deliver it to him and somehow managing to be completely oblivious of what everyone else was doing.

He eventually took the cheeseburger, but he only went a few steps away before declaring that he didn’t want it and throwing it onto the counter. Then he left, muttering about how he’ll never come to this place again.

It turned out that another crew member knew the guy as a former teacher from his school. I think I can guess why he is a former teacher.

frenchfrytales asked:
Well then...I don't think Tumblr's big enough for two McDonalds blogs. No but seriously I just stumbled across this, and figured I should say hello. So hello!

oh! we only made this because we couldnt find another mcdoanlds blog ! i guess we’ll have to share honor of being blogs for such HQ restaurants :P 

chocobosandpantyhose asked:
waaaahhh ive been working at mcdonalds since april yet i can relate so well!

it’s hard not to! They must all be similar :P

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